Claiming Retirement Benefits

Sample Cases


Unpaid retirement benefits recovered simply by sending certified mail

Case of Client A

Client A was working in sales at Company Y, and reached the age for mandatory retirement.
When Company Y later transferred retirement benefits to the client's bank account, the amount was 500,000 yen lower than that stipulated in retirement benefit regulations.
Client A then called Company Y and informed them of the discrepancy, but the company responded evasively and did not appear to intend to cooperate.

Unpaid retirement benefits of 500,000 yen recovered simply by sending certified mail

Client A contacted us and requested for an attorney to claim retirement benefits from Company Y.
We sent certified mail to Company Y and requested for the company to pay the 500,000 yen difference between the actual amount paid and the amount owed based on the retirement benefit regulations.
Without further correspondance, Company Y transferred the 500,000 yen to Client A's bank account.

Key Points

Many people may be disappointed by the amount they receive from their company in retirement benefits, but still not take action.
It's important to make sure that you are receiving the rightful amount.
Some unscrupulous companies may transfer retirement benefits without proof of payment and in blatant disregard of the regulations that govern these benefits.
Although it may be easy to realize that the sum is incorrect when 500,000 yen is missing it is always unfortunate to receive less than the full sum you are owed, even if the difference is not as great as in this case.
We recommend that you try calculating the amount of retirement benefits that you should receive yourself to see if the sum paid by your company is appropriate according to the retirement benefit regulations.

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