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Moe Miyamoto

Headquarters | Tokyo Bar Association

How We Solve Cases

Unfair Dismissal
  • If you wish to claim unfair dismissal, you must not sign a letter of resignation.
  • Make sure to get the company to issue a dismissal notice or certificate of reason for dismissal.
  • If you have a certificate of reason for dismissal, in most cases the dismissal is found invalid.
    The case can be solved via monetary or other means, without requiring a return to work.

Sample Cases

Salary Cuts
  • Salary cuts without employee consent are invalid in principle.
  • Salary cuts based on a demotion are often found invalid with small to medium-sized companies.

Sample Cases

Unpaid Overtime
  • If you work even one minute longer than your fixed work hours, you can claim overtime.
  • In principle, overtime is paid regardless of the industry.
  • Only managers or supervisors cannot claim overtime.
    Store heads or chiefs that are “managers” in name only may be able to claim overtime.

Sample Cases

Claiming Retirement Benefits
  • Check the stipulations on retirement benefits in your company’s rules of employment or wage regulations.
  • If it has been customary to pay retirement benefits, you may be able to claim retirement benefits even without the relevant documentation.

Sample Cases

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